Barcodes Are For Products Not People!

This is my favorite story, maybe not the most long-lived but by far my favorite!

I meet a boy as I swipe on a dating app. This boy was well into his thirties but after you read this you will understand my use of the word boy.

No, I do not use Tinder, so I hope the men I meet are not looking for a hookup. He was good looking and career-focused. He wasn’t in a Random job and responded to basic questions in a positive manner so I decidedto share my personal number and this where things went. I was in for a big surprise as I went down a weird spiral that I have etched in my memory forever!

It’s early in the work week and this boy started calling me“babe” and was texting me every day, all day! I asked him to use my name as nicely as I could. Well, he did not like that and kept throwing “babe” in there where he could. I started to see red flags but I was trying to keep an open mind. Maybe he was excited and my motivation is to meet a good man and settled down so I left it alone.

Another day goes by and we have an incident. I have a job and I have meetings that I must attend with no cell phone. He did not seem tounderstand or like that. When I did not answer him in a 15 to 20 min time span,he would act as I was breaking his heart. Not only was there double texting, but it was also over the top dramatics. Yet he was so sweet that I tried to be attentive and plan for a weekend date with him. I was giving up a Saturday night for this guy and ready to go in with an open mind.

Now, this is the deal-breaker. I had a long day had not looked at my cell all day. I went on a run to clear my mind and honestly didn’t want to deal with any craziness. After I got home and showered, I sat downto finally read his messages with full intentions of calling him back and chatting. I find a text with a photo. Not just any photo, but a dick pic! Andto put the icing on the cake above this unsolicited dick pic is a huge barcode tattoo !!! I’m sorry, but my mind went to so many places. Were you drunk when you decided this was a good idea? Did it hurt? If I scan it do I get a prize?

Now let me tell you if you save a photo sent to your iPhone it will save it in your photo bank with the original date it was taken and Iwas curious was this a photo he sent to all women. Guess what this photo was months old and definitely not for me but all women he spoke to before me and probably since!! Needless to say, I did not answer him. He texted me a few times after that. I ended up having to block him, but it was a story I would never forget.

So I promise that food is the way to solve all bad encounters and this is a bit of spin-off of that. Luckily this incident happed aweek or so before Thanksgiving. I am in my thirties and divorced (I will share some fun stories of my ex soon) so every family event usually leads to everyone asking me when I will settle down. Well, I had a story for them! So after dinner after, when the older generation went to watch TV and the kids went to play and we had a few bottles of wine I laid it all out. So with a huge slice of pumpkin pie, I sat down to tell them why dating in this day in age is such an adventure! So next you’re your family makes you crazy at dinner cut up a pie and tell them my story.

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